Fox News hates the US constitution (video)

Fox News Hates The Constitution

Fox News says that the US Constitution is a sacrosanct and immutable document – at least it is when talking about gun control. Fox News numpties are very quick to quote sections of the 2nd Amendment whenever there is another mass shooting or another child is slain by a firearm (there have been almost 300 children killed by guns so far this year) but they have never given a convincing intellectual or moral reason why  a set of guidelines written almost two and half centuries ago should be followed verbatim to this day.

However, there is hope.  Apparently, in their view, many of the other parts of the constitution are subject to dis-application or modification – it just depends on whose rights are being trampled.  Jon Stewart calls out Fox News’ hypocrisy over the constitution.

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Just think, Sky News could be like Fox News one day.

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