Paedophile Neil Wilson’s suspended sentence is just another in an “endless catalogue of insane judgements by male judges excusing men who attack women” (video)

I’m sure that you were as shocked as I was to hear the Judge’s comments on the suspended sentence handed out to paedophile Neil Wilson (41) at Snaresbrook Crown Court today; you may also have had a niggling thought at the back of your mind that you’ve heard this all before. Well, as the Ben Elton clip* from the Man From Auntie broadcast in 1990 (yes it really was 23 years ago!) attests, it’s the same old story of old white male judges excusing men for acts of violence against women.

Sex Abuse Lawyers In The Dock

Crown Prosecution Service appointed prosecutor Robert Colover told the judge:

The girl is predatory in all her actions and she is sexually experienced.”

This statement appeared to be reflected in the judgement handed down by Judge Nigel Peters when he told the paedophile Wilson:

“You have come as close to prison as is imaginable. I have taken into account that even though the girl was 13, the prosecution say she looked and behaved a little bit older. You knew she was not nearly 16 as she said, and your plea of guilty recognises that you knew. Allowing her to visit your home is something we have to clamp down on and in normal circumstances that would mean a significant term in prison. On these facts, the girl was predatory and was egging you on. That is no defence when dealing with children but I am prepared to impose a suspension.”

No Justice

Blaming The Victim Isn’t Justice (Judge Nigel Peters & Robert Colover)


In well over 23 years nothing has changed. Our antiquated system of prosecuting child abusers must be modernised. Victims should not be viciously terrorised in the witness box and have to suffer the indignity of reliving the rape repeatedly whilst each element is recast to suggest that the victim was ‘asking for it.’

Defendants have a right to a speedy and fair hearing but in the cause of defending & mitigating the sentences handed out to paedophiles defence barristers have been allowed far too much leeway to promote the idea that the child victims are too blame.   Moreover, we must replace misogynistic and anachronistic male judges like Nigel Peters and appoint more female judges otherwise this sordid affair will be repeated endlessly and the justice system will remain in disrepute.

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