Out of sight and out of her mind: what is the point of Louise Mensch? (video)

What's Her Point?

What’s Her Point?

Louise Mensch cannot bear being out of the limelight – I suspect that, without the oxygen of regular media appearances, she may be on the verge of losing her mental stability. Since she resigned her seat as an MP (a seat she looked certain to lose in 2015) and moved to the US she has taken every opportunity to crowbar herself on to British TV to spout off on any subject that she has heard about on Fox News.  After you have watched the clip of her espousing doctrinal nonsense about the Occupy London protestors you may find yourself asking, as this observer does,….

…what is the point of Louise Mensch?

Video & Text Uploaded on 24 Oct 2011 by Stax68 

Tory MP Louise Mensch trots out a particularly lame criticism of the Occupy LSX protestors, based on their buying coffee from Starbucks, cos they’re supposedly ‘anti-capitalist’ but Starbucks is, like, a big company. A variant of the “why don’t you f*** off to Russia then” gambit.

(From Have I Got a Bit More News for You – Series 42 – Episode 2 – team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop, guest host Alexander Armstrong, guest panelists Danny Baker and Louise Mensch. First broadcast BBC One, 10:25PM Sun, 23 Oct 2011)

Video & Text Uploaded on 29 Oct 2011 by Stax68 

Jeremy Hardy on the News Quiz responds to facile remarks about the Occupy LSX protestors drinking Starbucks coffee made (the remarks, not the coffee) by Louise Mensch on Have I Got News for You.

(From BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, Fri, 28 Oct 11: Cuts, Conservative Revolts, and Charity Shops. In the week that a Greek bailout deal was agreed; David Cameron found his backbenchers revolting; and Mary Portas took on the high street’s charity shops, Sandi Toksvig presents Radio 4’s perennially popular topical quiz, with panellists including Jeremy Hardy, Fred Macaulay and Susan Calman. Neil Sleat reads the news. Produced by Victoria Lloyd.)

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