Public Accounts Committee says Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit project is guilty of “shocking failures in management” and is an “unmitigated disaster” (video)

"Not clever enough": IDS is an unmitigated disaster and a ministerial failure

“Not clever enough”: IDS is an unmitigated disaster and a ministerial failure

Today the Chair of the Public Accounts CommitteeMargaret Hodge, said that Iain Duncan Smith‘s flagship policy, universal credit, was:

“an unmitigated disaster of extraordinary proportions in every aspect of the programme so far”.  

To add insult to injury, today’s Times newspaper printed a story that alleges that IDS and members of his ministerial team approached Conservative party members on the PAC to request that they “point the finger” of blame for the cost overruns and mismanagement at the permanent secretary (the top civil servant) Robert Devereux – a charge that has been denied.

The universal credit project has its fifth new project director, Harold Shiplee and he has undertaken yet another review, its nineteenth in eighteen months. If you are interested to know some of the problems that have arisen during the project then you should listen to this edited edition of BBC Radio 4’s The report from 10 October 2013.

I think that we are beginning to understand why George Osborne is reported to have said that IDS is just “not clever enough” to be a cabinet minister.


£334m Written-off Or Mismanaged By Iain Duncan Smith In Universal Credit “Disaster”

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