Obama’s drone strikes are murder – it’s that simple (video)

President Obama’s murderous extra judicial killing sprees are a stain on his administration and must end. Drone attacks kill and maim thousands including women and children and these murders make him no different to Saddam or Gaddafi.

Here is Stephen Colbert’s short but eye opening interview with Dirty Wars author Jeremy Scahill.

In order to watch the clip you need to type or copy and paste the passwordimincorrigible

Video © Comedy Central

Link to open Colbert interview

In these assassinations Obama has become judge, jury and executioner – is due process not taught at Harvard Law School?

I Have A Drone...

I Have A Drone…


Published on 25 Jun 2013

A parody video in which “President Obama” adopts the so-called Shaggy Defence — just say it wasn’t you – against charges he has killed thousands of civilians in illegal drone attacks around the world.

The video — from human rights charity Reprieve and Lush Cosmetics and produced by Don’t Panic London. Parodying Shaggy’s 2001 hit ‘It Wasn’t Me’. Featuring “President Obama”, “Shaggy” and “a drone”, the video is intended to raise awareness of Obama’s ongoing illegal drones programme in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia — all countries with which the US is not at war.

Attacks in these countries have so far killed an estimated 4,700 people including children, while drones circle overhead 24/7 terrorising entire communities. UK companies and the UK government are complicit in the drone strikes through supplying material support and sharing intelligence.

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