Irrational Debate And A Misinformed Public: Things We Don’t Have To Learn From America (Updated)

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I Am Incorrigible

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It is said that what happens in the US happens in the UK shortly afterwards. This clip of the Daily Show was broadcast in August 2011 and touches on many of the same arguments used by the Conservative Party in the UK to justify a form of austerity that attacks the incomes and the dignity of the weakest and the poorest in society whilst claiming that the government has “no choice” in the matter. And anyway, the “poor” are just moochers who can’t really be poor if they have a flat screen TV, refrigerator, mobile phone and a microwave oven….

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*The income inequality table referenced in the video can be found at the end of this post

The irrationality, particularly as espoused by the Tea Party and Fox News, that surrounds the philosophical and economic argument of…

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