Chimps would have been more productive than the 113th do-nothing congress (video)

It is official. the 113th Congress is the laziest of all time.  It appears that, amongst other things, the Republican controlled house spent so much time debating and voting to repeal ObamaCare that they managed to pass just 55 bills.  The Republicans inserted 41 votes to repeal President Obama’s flagship policy into the last 12 months in full knowledge that this was merely grandstanding and would have no legal force.  Any repeal would need to be passed by the Democrat controlled senate and even then would be vetoed by the President. However the votes wasted considerable congressional time at the expense of other more meaningful business.

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Do-nothing Congress

The last session of Congress, the 112th, was the most unproductive ever (or at least since 1948, when we started measuring these things). Six months in, the 113th looks like it could be even worse (or better, depending on how you view what Washington should — or shouldn’t — be doing.)

Twenty-two bills have been passed by Congress and sent to President Obama for his signature since Congress convened in January. That’s a little less than the 28 passed by August in the previous Congress, and a pretty poor output compared to earlier sessions.

The 104th Congress (in 1994) had also passed 28 bills by this point in the session; Republicans had taken control of the House that January and were butting heads with President Clinton.

Source: Washington Post

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