Obama: Judge, Jury & Executioner (video)

One of the first drone strikes that President Obama authorised was in Yemen.  It killed 46 people of which 14 were women and 21 were children. Since then the murderous strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia have killed thousands and estimates of the number of civilian deaths range from the hundreds up to several thousand including a high proportion of women and children. If you’re a male of a certain age living in a certain geographic area you are fair game to be assassinated and then retroactively accused of being a threat to US national security.

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That’s pre-crime assassination in the style of ‘Minority Report’ but without the moral reflection.  President Obama has forgotten his legal training and is acting as judge, jury and executioner during his ‘Terror Tuesday’ meetings.  The death penalty with no due process; I don’t think that was the ‘Change’ the rest of the world was seeking.

Shame on him.

If you are unable to watch the video clip you can listen to Stephen Colbert’s short interview with Jeremy Scahill the author of ‘Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield‘ here   http://yourlisten.com/channel/content/17000240/Obama_Judge_Jury_Executioner

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