David Cameron and Theresa May have been hiding inconvenient ‘crimes’ and immigration statistics (video)

It has been a terrible 72 hours for David Cameron and his crony government. First we discovered the reason the Conservative party had been so unusually quiet when one of their bête noires, Harriet Harman, was being mercilessly (and, as it turns out, unfairly) slurred by the Daily Mail for giving succour to paedophiles. At least a week before the latest round of Harman slurs, Cameron was busy trying to hide the details of his own potential paedophile scandal in the person of his “top aide” Patrick Rock.

Then yesterday we discover that it’s not only the activities of alleged paedophiles in Number 10 that have been covered-up but also the massively inconvenient statistics on the effect of immigration on the employment prospects of the indigenous British workforce. Cameron has tried to suppress details of alleged paedophile behaviour in Number 10 and statistics (produced at his own government’s request) that clearly show that Theresa May (and other ministers) have exaggerated (and IMHO lied) repeatedly about the effects of immigration in the UK.

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