Finally! Nigel Farage’s vile views exposed by James O’Brien (video)

I was beginning to give-up hope that Farage would be properly called to account when today on LBC 97.3, James O’Brien had a brief (22 minute) encounter with him.  Despite the time constraints, O’Brien struck a blow for the good guys.  Farage struggled throughout the interview and when asked what the difference was between having a group of Romanian men and German children as neighbours replied

“You know what the difference is”

He added: “I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved in next to you, would you be concerned? And if you lived in London, I think you would be.”

Ascribing a negative trait to an entire nationality based on the behaviour of a few of its members is the very definition of racism.

In the end, Farage had to be saved by UKIP’s communications director and former Daily Express man Patick O’Flynn who interrupted the live broadcast claiming that they had massively overrun.

Video © LBC

Updated from 16 May

The Sun says...Farage is racist

Following two days of widespread accusations of bigotry and racism, including from The Sun newspaper which has ordinarily defended UKIP’s stance on immigration as non-racist, on Sunday Farage tried to claim that tiredness was the cause of his “racist rant.”

I hope that Farage has spoken to a doctor as he appears to be suffering from a chronic bout of exhaustion. That must be the reason Farage spent Friday evening and Saturday morning repeatedly saying that his comments on LBC were not racist and that his critics were being politically correct.  It must also be why UKIP defiantly ran a full-page advert in the Daily Telegraph about Romanian ‘criminals’ today.

Farage is a charismatic but vile individual, leading a largely uninformed, largely racist and largely homophobic rabble.  Despite the PR support of the BBC, we can only hope that this represents the lifting of the veil on the truth about what a vote for Farage and UKIP really means.


Facts matter.

 “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts” Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

If you want to know the objective facts about the EU, you can download the Regents report here: The UK & Europe: Costs, Benefits, Options Regents Report 2013.  this is what The Observer said about the report back in November:

Subtitled The Regent’s Report 2013, the 237-page document is going to be useful to all sides if we do have to go through what I myself regard as an unnecessary and time-wasting referendum on our membership of the European Union.

For a group of authors who are largely pro-European – and some, even now, pro-eurozone – they have produced a remarkably balanced document, with the emphasis on – wait for it – facts. There is plenty of acknowledgement of the tiresome aspects of the EU, and among a plethora of statistics, some obvious ones stand out.

These will not be new to students of the EU, but you can be sure they will not be highlighted by the anti-Europe brigade – many of whom have very nice houses in France, Spain, Italy and other parts of the EU. Suffice it to repeat here that, for all the fuss made by the anti-European press and Ukip, the entire “Brussels budget” amounts to 1% of EU gross domestic product.

Confusion can be worse confounded when it comes to facts. With economic statistics, we are often talking about estimates rather than facts. I have never found any evidence that Keynes made the remark often attributed to him: “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

The explanation is simple: Keynes was far too intelligent to believe that facts could change. Facts are facts. Circumstances can change, and new information or more refined calculation can alter previous estimates.

William Keegan writing in The Observer 3 November 2013

5 thoughts on “Finally! Nigel Farage’s vile views exposed by James O’Brien (video)

  1. ps i have to say after a listen to your rants and it is ranting .your not incorrigible at all you just like the sound of your own voice ,your a self appointed lefty with a chip on your shoulder .what most honest people would call , a gob shite ,dont take your self so high in the world what are you .//dear god///.


  2. I don’t want 4 Romanians living beside me.When Farage said’you know what I mean’
    you couldn’t be that thick that you didnt. know what he meant.


    • we all know just like people dont open there curtains on a sunny morning and say a look great wonderful the travellers have arrived deep joy but real men and women know . we know we have to live with it .these lefty snow flakes are in la la land they are the first to run abroad when it all goes nasty . they are foe .


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