Now Amazon’s involved in the drone wars! (video)

We all know that Amazon’s overnight delivery system takes forever so it was a welcome relief to hear about their plans to speed-up the process.

Last Sunday Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, announced on 60 Minutes that he intends to launch what he called Amazon Prime Air. A drone delivery service that has the potential to deliver items in as little as 30 minutes from Amazon receiving your order.  Apparently he was not joking.

In principle, it is not a terrible idea but there is no chance of it ‘taking-off’ over here any time soon.  Besides, 30 minutes to wait for a delivery is still way too long!  I prefer Stephen Colbert‘s plan for ‘Amazon Live’ where customers receive the items that they have purchased instantly by visiting “locations where people can walk in and buy things” or as they will also be known: Spending Habit Opportunity Places!

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Video © Comedy Central

Amazon drone deliveries while you were out

While you were out….

Video from Dartanion London

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