John Oliver on the anti-immigration debate (video)

Last week when Tea Party member Dave Brat beat Eric Cantor in the Republican party primary he ended any chance for immigration reform in the US during Obama’s final presidential term.  In the same way that UKIP have led the anti-immigration debate in the UK with a tiny number of actual voters, 34,000 people (of the 65,000 that could be bothered to turn-up) voted for Brat and yet they decided US national immigration policy.

From “our country is full” and “we can’t afford them” to “they are taking our jobs” and “the races should never mix” the anti-immigration arguments are often racist and always crass.  The same arguments have been used for generations about previous ‘waves’ of immigration but it might surprise some that they have also been used in other countries including the France, Australia, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and, of course Nazi Germany.

On Sunday night, John Oliver decided to take a look at the rise of the right-wing anti-immigration arguments and to explore their myths on his Last Week Tonight show.

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