Antarctica – stop coming here! (video)

A quarter of a century ago, the British government announced plans to ‘develop’ Antarctica.  Such development was part of the rush to claim and exploit the massive reserves of natural resources present in, around and under the Antarctic ice.  At the time Greenpeace led the calls for nations to preserve the delicate ecosystem of Antarctica and highlighted the fragility of a wilderness where a single footprint on an area of frozen moss would last for decades.

As ever, the myopic quest for easy profit has been placed ahead of the environment.  Rather than heed the increasingly dire warnings, as well as pollution from oil and mineral exploration and extraction, we now have the detritus from 40,000 tourists a year which are causing lasting and some argue irreparable damage to Antarctica and its limited but exotic wildlife and flora.

We simply never learn.

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Antarctica Don't Come Here

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One thought on “Antarctica – stop coming here! (video)

  1. The joint venture partners building the LNG facilities on Barrow Island, off the coast of Western Australia, have an incredibly stringent environmental policy. This includes wrapping anything that may be sent to the island so as “not to contaminate the natural environment”! You have to be joking……..Do they not see the imposition of man made structures as being a contamination of the natural landscape.
    Their ulterior motive is that if it can be proved that no harm has been done to the natural environment, then an argument can be made for requesting a development permit in Antarctica.
    I call on youth to get off their butts and voice their dissent for their parent’s generation of energy consumers and the consequential destruction of the natural world in the pursuit of “economic growth”. All life and the genetic diversity it carries has a right to exist in an environment that has been forged by the natural forces of nature.
    Let it be!


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