Wealth inequality madness: tax policy is made by the few for the few at the expense (and with the support) of the many (video)

Any time a politician, or any public figure for that matter, tries to discuss the subject of wealth and income inequality they are immediately castigated in the right-wing media as being engaged in “class warfare“. Even president Obama, who had already described inequality as a “fundamental threat to the American dream” was shut down by his own party when he attempted to push wealth and income inequality to the top of the political agenda last December.

4 July 2012 Politico class warfare combi

Politico class warfare article (4 July 2012)

Republicans (and Conservatives in the UK) are fond of describing the situation not as an issue of “haves and have nots” but rather as “haves and soon to haves” – holding out the slither of hope that in some distant fantasy anyone can become rich if you just try hard.  This sleight of hand is easy to expose. The unalloyed evidence is clear and demonstrates how $billions in unearned and undeserved wealth are passed down family lines for decades and centuries.

Forbes billionnaires inherited wealth 16 Sept 2013 Guardian 26 March 2014 combi Final

The tempting offer that some of us might win the wealth lottery is largely a lie.

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If you are wondering what the 29th president of the United States, Warren G. Harding, named his penis – it was Jerry!

Pew Research wealth inequality 23 Jan 2014 combi

WTF? How does this make any sense?

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