The science is clear and unequivocal, so why is there a ‘debate’ about climate change? (video)

It is a fact that 97% per cent of all scientists involved in the study of the earth’s climate agree that its climate is changing and that human activity is a cause of this change.  Given the weight of this overwhelming scientific evidence base why is it that there are still so many politicians and members of the public who are sceptical of the evidence or even flatly deny that climate change is a reality?

The mainstream media, without exception, present the fact of man-made climate change as a 'debate' between two equally valid arguments

The mainstream media, without exception, present the fact of man-made climate change as a ‘debate’ between two equally valid arguments

The answer is simple and unsurprising.

In Naomi Klein‘s latest book, “This Changes Everything”, she lays the blame for climate change squarely (and accurately in this blog’s opinion) at the feet of unfettered capitalism. This is not some socialist rant but a logical conclusion to draw from the unending quest for more and more profit and economic growth through increased (largely unnecessary) consumption of the earth’s resources.

Klein’s conclusion is not new. Those of us who believe the Enlightenment was not just something that happened to everyone else and base our conclusions on the best available evidence, have accepted that industrialisation and energy production in particular are the driving forces behind man-made climate change and the capitalist economic system.  It is overwhelmingly these corporations and their owners who have manufactured the so-called ‘climate change debate‘ in order to confuse the public and delay or, if possible, prevent us from taking steps to reverse the existential threat to humanity that climate change presents.

They have done this by creating and funding a raft of superficially unrelated ‘think tanks’ and ‘grass roots’ organisations who argue vociferously against scientific fact – and of course by the more well trodden path of direct donations to the unquestioning political voice of unfettered capitalism, conservative politicians.

The video has shown the mechanics of how the hoax has been created and the following clip delves in a little more detail into how the Koch brothers and others have attempted to hide their involvement through the use of the “Donors Trust”.

The people behind the denial hoax are not foolish enough to believe their own propaganda and they know they are causing inestimable harm to the planet.  Like the scorpion crossing the river on the back of the frog, as successful players of the game of capitalism, it is simply in their nature.

Change is required today. The lead times involved between taking action that affects our climate and that change taking effect are measured largely in decades and even centuries and time is running out.  We are wasting time on a false debate designed to benefit a tiny few today and the planet is paying the price.


Suzanne Goldenberg’s article: Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks
Brent Matsalla: Climate Change Denial Groups Funded by ‘Dark Money’

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