Are you kidding me? “Pure political calculation” is why Republicans refused a congressional debate about war with ISIS (video)

The Republican party in congress has turned rejecting any policy proposed by the Obama administration into an art form and made partisan political calculation their raison d’être.  That is why the current congressional term has been the least effective in terms of passing substantive legislation since  1948.

The media like to call this the “Do-nothing” congress but that appellation is inaccurate.  In legislative terms, everything from immigration to wealth inequality to climate change has been deliberately ignored by congress’ purposeful inaction. As a consequence, already entrenched problems have been, by varying degrees, made worse.  So doing ‘nothing’ in fact has real world consequences which invariably are not in the interests of the representatives own constituents.

Image credit: Business Insider

Image credit: Business Insider

Despite this partisan gridlock, historically Republicans and Democrats have been able to put aside their differences at times of national crisis and in times of war – but not this time.  In the face of overwhelming public opinion in favour of congress being recalled to debate war with ISIS and senior GOP representatives and senators calling for a debate in the last few weeks, the leader of the house, John Boehner, refuses to do so. Why?

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