Why this survivor believes that David Cameron fights for child abusers and not the abused (video)

Whatever one might think of his party ideology, it is difficult to square the reality of David Cameron‘s time in government with his proclamation in 2010 that his would be the “most transparent government” ever. From the unsubstantiated need to rush to address the budget deficit, to the un-trialled and failing under occupancy penalty (better known as the bedroom tax) and the re-branding of restrictions already in place as ‘new’ policies to restrict the virtually non-existent problem of “benefit tourism”, lies are at the heart of his government’s playbook.  Indeed, Cameron’s government have sought to deceive us all on a regular basis with the Prime Minister himself as the deceiver in chief.

Misrepresenting and even suppressing research and statistics is one thing but being implicated in covering-up crimes or at least allegations of crime is something altogether more sinister.

Whose side image and text CSA Cameron

From the start there was the refusal to hold a national inquiry in 2010 when he limited his intervention to North Wales, which was followed by three years of steadfast refusals to intervene when child abuse rings were being uncovered across the country. Then the attempted misdirection of banning search terms used by paedophiles on the internet.  There followed the apparent attempt to ‘protect’ Andy Coulson from the spotlight and this March it was revealed that Cameron had delayed the release of news that his friend and aide at Number 10, Patrick Rock, had been arrested and charged with possessing indecent images of children for several weeks – no meaningful excuse or explanation was offered by Cameron and it was quickly glossed over.  Other than Coulson and Rock, Cameron’s associates and friendship groups have included the late alleged paedophiles Lord McAlpine, Derek Laud and Leon Brittan and it is widely believed that his friend William Hague has questions to answer over his actions in respect of the Waterhouse inquiry into child sexual abuse (which concluded that there was no abuse in North Wales care homes) when he was Welsh secretary in the 1990s.

In recent weeks it has been the clear clumsiness and incompetence associated with the Wanless report and the wider panel inquiry appointment process that has been to the fore – and even now, when it is clear that Michael Mansfield QC is the most popular choice of chair for the inquiry (and he has agreed that, if asked, he would consider it) Cameron is desperately searching for a more ‘suitable’ candidate.

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That is why I don’t believe that Cameron can be trusted to support the cause of survivors and victims when confronted with a choice between us and the criminal perpetrators from within his party and the wider establishment – I can only hope, for the sake of other victims and survivors that I am wrong.



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