Breitbart News: craven political hatchet men…..(corrected) (video)

Readers of this blog in the UK may be familiar with the ideological output of Breitbart News following its British launch in February this year. Presumably to gain traction with the UK’s reactionary right, it was quick to recruit the effete former Spectator journalist, man-made climate change denier (he has compared wind farms to paedophilia and called for climate change activists to be executed) and subverter of  parliamentary democracy (at the prompting of Tory Chris Heaton-Harris MP he stood as a rival candidate against his own party in the Corby by-election) James Delingpole as executive editor.

breitbart hatchet men

No stranger to spouting factually questionable and wholly ideological polemic, Delingpole will have been delighted to read the latest attempt by his colleagues in the US to invent another Benghazi style conspiracy, this time, over Obama‘s nominee for Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. He was probably less happy to discover that Breitbart’s craven political hatchet job was hilariously exposed as an extraordinary example of risible, biased and inept journalism by Stephen Colbert on his late night satirical comedy show The Colbert Report.

Due to copyright restrictions in order to watch the clip you need to type or copy and paste the passwordimincorrigible

Original video © Comedy Central

“In a since-removed article published Sunday, the conservative news website falsely reported that Lynch represented former President Bill Clinton during the Whitewater scandal. That, however, was a different Loretta Lynch, and not the president’s attorney general nominee.

“I’m giving a tip of the hat to Breitbart for breaking this news, finding out it’s broken, but sticking with the story anyway,” Colbert said.

At one point, the article was updated to include “[CORRECTION]” in the headline and a correction note was added at the bottom, but the story was eventually taken down from the site.

“I salute Breitbart for not taking down a headline that you know is false — they are craven political hatchet men,” he said. “Oh, they eventually took it down? My apologies. They are craven political hatchet men (corrected).”

The Huffington Post 12 November 2014

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