DOJ investigation proves racism is rampant in Ferguson police department (video)

Thanks to the Department of Justice investigation the world (apart from Fox News viewers) is now aware of the systemic racism that pollutes the Ferguson judicial system and especially its overwhelmingly Caucasian police force. This video tells the story of the Ferguson report through the eyes and wit of some of the US’s most astute satirists.

The clip show was originally released on YouTube but was subject to a take-down order by Viacom for alleged copyright infringement even though HBO and others were content to accept that the fair use exemption applies.  Sadly Google/YouTube expect users to fight these blanket orders through the courts which for a private individual is an uneven battle to say the least. If users decide not to fight through the courts they are subjected to a copyright sanction by YouTube which, in my case means media content I upload to YouTube is subject to constraints such as, among other things, being limited to a maximum of 15 minutes and the loss of the option to add onscreen links and annotations to assist viewers until January 2016.

So, this is the same video uploaded to the Vimeo site and password protected to avoid site sanctions but is also a small f*ck you to Viacom.

I hope you enjoy the show.

To watch the clip use the password: imincorrigible

Video © Comedy Central / HBO / Channel4 / ITN

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