James O’Brien’s only making plans for Nigel (or when is toast not toast?) (video)

On 7th May the nation voted and sealed the fate of three of the country’s political leaders, each of whom duly left the national stage forever just before lunch the next day – at least that was what we were led to believe.  Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband did the honourable thing and announced their departure to teary audiences of the faithful but Nigel Farage chose a somewhat different approach.

Having stormed out of the Thanet South counting hall he rather appropriately gathered the lemmings known as our national press together, atop the cliffs of Thanet, to announce that he would be resigning as leader of UKIP for four months after which he may decide to return to stand in the party’s leadership election in September.

A cunning move that both satisfied his ‘promise’ to stand down as leader should he fail, as he did, to win the Thanet South constituency for his party, whilst simultaneously leaving the door not so much ajar as a gaping chasm for when he returns from an extended vacation. An inconsistency that the BBC and James O’Brien were quick to explore.

Original audio / video © BBC / LBC /Sky


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