What ‘The Boy Business’ video tells us about the likely outcome of the UK’s child sexual abuse inquiry (video)

First broadcast in 1997, this Granada TV documentary examined allegations made by a man named only as ‘Edward’, that videos have been made in Amsterdam in which young boys are sexually abused, tortured and killed, and that convicted paedophile, Warwick Spinks, was one of a number of British men involved in making and distributing them.
bjorn tape still text-vert and notes
The Granada investigation covered the original manhunt for the makers of the notorious “Bjorn Tape” and traced the story of Peter Howells, the former manager of Bovver Boots Casting Agency. Howells also operated from Amsterdam and the agency was used as a cover for the production of obscene photographs with several survivors’ recounting being sent as children by the agency to be photographed and were then manipulated into posing for sexualised images that were later widely distributed to international paedophile networks.
© Granada TV
Although not included in The Boy Business account, it was later discovered that members of those networks included one of Margaret Thatcher’s diplomats Peter Hayman, child rapists Peter Righton and Charles Napier. On arrest, Righton was found to possess “bags” of material including letters and membership lists said to have contained names of several prominent people including Hayman, government ministers, MPs, judges and senior police officers. These details were partly covered in the Inside Story documentary about Peter Righton).
Coming shortly after the highly publicised prosecution of the Sidney Cook gang, the broadcast of Granada’s expose ignited public outrage and spread fears about a growing industry of child abduction for child porn snuff movies.
Demands for government action over allegations of British children being abused and murdered in films grew rapidly with the parents of 20 young boys who had been reported as abducted or missing between 1984 and 1990 adding their voices to the cause by writing to the then Conservative Home Secretary David Waddington.
“DAVID Waddington, the home secretary, said yesterday that he was shocked at reports that so-called snuff films may exist in Britain and promised prompt police action to counter the threat. Mr Waddington said that he was very concerned about police fears that young boys may have been killed by paedophiles who had filmed their deaths.
Mr Waddington said that he could not imagine “any criminal behaviour that causes more concern to the public. The stories about these videos are horrific, absolutely horrific, and the police are wasting no time in carrying out extensive enquiries. They are sufficiently worried about this for me to be watching the situation very closely.”Mr Waddington made his remarks after Scotland Yard had disclosed that detectives were investigatingthe disappearance of 20 young boys since 1984, some of whom may have been the victims of snuff films.
Last night, MPs and child protection agencies called for government intervention to combat what one MP described as “the horror, squalor, sordidness and downright evil” of paedophile sex films, which make multi-million pound profits for organised crime. Scotland Yard confirmed that the disappearance of boys over a six-year period was being investigated as well as deaths “during the making of films in London dating back to 1984″.
The Times July 28, 1990

If Waddington’s words sound familiar it’s because he used the same “I’m shocked and will  do everything possible to catch the criminals” rhetorical formula as Cameron and May last summer.  Much PR hay has been made by announcing their “shock” and  commitment to “leave no stone unturned” in the search for child abusers and stamping out abuse but what has really changed?

  • We have the scandalous (and in my view intentional) delays to the cover-up of cover-ups aka The Child Sexual Abuse Panel inquiry. Alistair (Lord)McAlpine was already dead before Theresa May’s prolonged tactical delays began but,LeonBrittan, perhaps the key figure in the Westminster VIP organised child rape conspiracy, has now also become conveniently deceased (as his body was cremated within a few days of death without a full autopsy, no one can say with certainty if foul play was or was not involved) while May fiddled.Many more child rapists will inevitably feel the cold embrace of the grave before any report sees the light of day (in 2020 as currently planned but history tells us it will be many years later). As for documentary evidence, you don’t need a degree in criminology or a detailed knowledge of the UK’s rules of evidence to know that the perpetrators’ home fires have been burning constantly and shredders worked to destruction since July 2014.As we saw during Jillings, we are approaching the stage where victims, survivors and other witnesses, once considered credible, will be undermined and disbelieved. You only need see recent reporting in the right-wing media to know that the time for the Establishment to close ranks once more is now upon us.

    We have seen this all before
    . Each time government has been linked to child abuse fine words are spoken, an inquiry is initially resisted and then grudgingly granted, it takes years, it loses evidence, limits blame to a handful of rogues, produces recommendations that are unworkable or ignored and makes swathes of evidence subject to the Official Secrets Act for 100 years.Don’t take my word for it.Consider the various North Wales pretences: Cartrefle, Jillings and Waterhouse or even the shabby ongoing excuse factory for Tony Blair et al, called the Chilcot inquiry
  • Our prime minister thinks we are all “conspiracy theorists” – which must be why he won’t authorise or instruct MI5 & MI6 to release their extensive files on VIP abuse or any paedophile politician including those already dead and he has several “close” friends who are alleged paedophiles including Patrick Rock
  • Citing the right to a fair trial, Patrick Rock’s prosecution has been effectively censored by the imposition of reporting restrictions that prevent publication of court proceedings. An honour not afforded to the long list of celebrities recently prosecuted for similar offences and certainly not to defendants who are unfortunate enough to be ordinary members of the public. A sure sign that equality before the law and open justice mean nothing when establishment figures are involved

To produce a comprehensive list of our political masters known cover-up machinations would be the definitive exercise in wasted optimism because, whether the public are aware or not, nothing will change. The overwhelming majority of crimes and criminals will never be known.

Despite all that has been revealed recently and the UK’s grotesque child rape history, where ignoring the abused played a key role in sustaining what we know was, and remains industrial-scale child rape, our politicians will continue the facade of telling us loudly that they are doing all they can whilst completing their sentence sotto voce

“…to keep the truth from you and the mirage of your implied consent to our right to govern intact”


If you are affected by child sexual abuse help is available:

If you are worried about someone’s behaviour towards a child, you must take action.

  • Contact your local police
  • Contact your local Children’s Social Services
  • Make a report online to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre
  • Contact the Stop it Now! Helpline
  • Contact the NSPCC Helpline

Local Police
If a child is in immediate danger, call 999. If not, all police forces have other ways in which you can get in touch, including a non-emergency phone number which you will find in a telephone directory or online.

CEOP Centre
The CEOP centre is the UK’s national police agency set up to tackle child sexual abuse. If you are worried about someone’s inappropriate behaviour towards a child, online or offline, you can report this at www.ceop.police.uk.

Stop it Now! Helpline 0808 1000 900
Confidential helpline for adults worried about their own sexual thoughts or behaviour or the behaviour of others towards children . Also for parents and carers worried about the sexual behaviour of their children. Helpline 9am-9pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-5pm Friday. help@stopitnow.org.uk,  www.stopitnow.org.uk.

NSPCC Helpline 0808 800 5000
You can call their child protection helpline or contact them via email at help@nspcc.org.uk

Sexual Abuse Survivor Services:

Mosac 0800 980 1958
MOSAC (Mothers of Sexually Abused Children) supports all non-abusing parents and carers whose children have been sexually abused. They provide advocacy, advice and information, befriending, counselling, play therapy and support groups following alleged child sexual abuse. www.mosac.org.uk

NAPAC 0808 801 0331
NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood). Support and information for people abused in childhood.  support@napac.org.uk Open 10am till 9pm Monday to Thursday, 10am till 6pm on Friday. They cannot take messages or call you back.

SURVIVORS UK 0845 1221201
Survivors UK provides information, support and counselling for men who have been raped or sexually abused.  www.survivorsuk.org/ 7pm-9.30pm Monday and Tuesday and 12pm-2.30pm on Thursdays.

These organisations are able to assist those looking for help, support or information.

Implementing a family safety plan can help to prevent abuse from happening. More information on this is available here.

Information adapted from Stop it Now! UK and Ireland

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