Louise Mensch – the gaffe prone gift to social media that keeps on giving

Despite being presented with frequent opportunities, it is a long time since the musings of the vociferously superficial and ultra-conservative former Tory MP Louise Mensch have appeared in this blog.  So upon waking this morning to discover her latest miserable shot from the hip had hit her squarely in her own arse, it was an easy decision to include it in a quick posting.

That Mensch tweet

“Louise Mensch has once again become the subject of much ridicule online over something she has tweeted. The incident occurred last night after the former Tory MP claimed Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters — who have recently been accused of being anti-semitic — of insulting Corbyn’s Labour leadership rival Liz Kendall.

Mensch claimed that Twitter’s autocomplete function showed that the most common search words to appear by Liz Kendall’s name were ‘Nazi’, ‘Zionist’ and ‘Jews’. To prove this Mensch even offered a photo of the ‘auto searches’ to demonstrate the ‘sewer that is Jeremy Corbyn’s support’. Alas there was a catch. As each suggestion appeared next to an ‘x’, this means that the words were her own search history rather than the work of an evil Corbynista.”

The Spectator 22 August 2015

Mensch the gift that keeps on giving

Mensch search terms


Mrs Mensch is truly a comedy gift to all on social media and long may she be so.


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