Stephen Colbert on Benghazi and the new McCarthyism

Last month’s race to be the next Speaker of the US Congress, brought forth some interesting candidates. None more so than Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy. Stephen Colbert was quick to highlight a number of issues with McCarthy’s candidacy including his comments connecting Hillary Clinton‘s dropping poll numbers to the Benghazi committee.

“Colbert said it’s kind of “refreshing” for him to admit that, but still couldn’t help but highlight how this was the man Kevin Spacey shadowed when he was prepping to play Frank Underwood.

colbert mccarthy

But Colbert figured that with this much doubt in the air about the committee’s intentions, perhaps there should be “Benghazi hearing hearings,” or, given the man who started this whole thing, the McCarthy hearings.”
Mediaite – Colbert Rips McCarthy: Maybe We Need ‘Benghazi Hearing Hearings’ Now

To watch the clip use the password: imincorrigible
[vimeo 141553594 w=500&h=285]
Video © CBS


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