James O’Brien v Simon Danczuk the ‘sex pest’ (audio & video)

On 12th January 2016, Simon Danczuk voluntarily attended a Lancashire police interview about a rape allegation. It is unclear whether this is the same allegation made in the Mail on Sunday by his (first) ex-wife or by a possible third-party.

Simon danczuk investigated for rape

What is clear, is that following months of being a particularly prickly thorn in the side of Labour’s new leadership, by giving regular interviews and writing highly columns for Britain’s right-wing press, the sense of Schadenfreude among the party’s newly expanded membership was almost palpable.

danczuk wife sex p[est

Not over the rape allegation which of course is a very serious matter although, by some accounts, it also bears the hallmarks of an embittered ex-wife taking revenge, but more so about his sexting with a 17-year-old girl who applied to his office for a job.

Unsurprisingly, James O’Brien had plenty to say on the matter

Password: imincorrigible

Audio © LBC/Global Media

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