Andrew Marr’s interview frames Jeremy Corbyn as a 1980s throwback (video)

Andrew Marr‘s interview with Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, on his eponymously named show this morning was a masterclass in how to frame an interview to reflect the personal bias of the interviewer rather than to impartially elicit newsworthy information on behalf of the audience.

Bryant tweet corbyn marr

As a result of what one assumes Marr believed were a series of  carefully planned “gotcha” style questions, the audience were carefully led down a path to the now familiar media conclusion that Corbyn is a political dinosaur whose ideas belong in some bygone age and not, as most Labour members believe, a progressive politician offering an alternative to business as usual Westminster bubble policies.

To watch the clip use the password: imincorrigible


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As expected, the BBCs weekly political show, the Sunday Politics, which is aired an hour after Marr also reported on the Corbyn interview and was more explicit in defining the Islington MP as peddling the politics of the past – with one pundit, The Guardian’s Nick Watt, recalling how he could remember the debate about Corbyn’s policies from the early 1980s.

Simply arguing, as BBC’s head of news does, that all sides of the political spectrum accuse the BBC of bias is both lazy and irresponsible. The BBC’s journalism has a revered status in the UK and has the power to sway public opinion – a power that can, and some say, does undermine democracy.

It’s time that the BBC Trust took its duty of impartiality seriously or, failing that, offered its news and current affairs output for regulation by OFCOM

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2 thoughts on “Andrew Marr’s interview frames Jeremy Corbyn as a 1980s throwback (video)

  1. Fair comment! We need to hold BBC to account much more rigorously. It’s really not on that our public service broadcaster allows its journalists to make comments aligned with their own personal political opinions.

    Additionally, and even more important, it threatens our democracy.

    Mary Lloyd, Southampton

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