Sarah Palin endorses Trump: the farce awakens (video)

Sarah Palin‘s appearance at Trump’s stump speech in Iowa was supposed to be a big surprise, but the ‘secret’ such as it was, leaked within hours of Trump’s teaser announcement. Even so, her appearance was met with plenty of whooping by Trump’s ultra-right fan base but they were soon left slightly confused by her faltering and confused endorsement speech.

Trump Palin Iowa

Conservative bile-horn Rush Limbaugh was quick to back Trump’s decision to invite Palin on to the stump:

“And, by the way, Sarah Palin is gonna help me make my points today, because I read the transcript for her speech that she made, and it’s actually — the speech that Palin made yesterday for Trump, I saw people pan it, say she looked like she lost her place, she was reading cue cards, she didn’t seem to be all there.”

Though Limbaugh said he did not see the speech in its entirety and had just read the transcript, he hastened to add, “I don’t want to overdo it and say brilliant, but I’ll tell you, she’s got substantive, logical reasons for doing what she’s doing. And she explained it yesterday for anybody who really wanted to pay attention to listen to it. So I’m gonna explain that.”

For Limbaugh, Palin’s endorsement signifies “a serious awakening that is taking place within the Republican Party and the so-called conservative movement.”

Politico:  Rush Limbaugh explains Sarah Palin’s Trump endorsement speech

Limbaugh didn’t see Palin’s speech, but fortunately the guys at The Daily Show did and here for your education and amusement is their view of Palin’s latest gaffe fest

 To watch the clip use the password: imincorrigible

Video © Comedy Central

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