John Oliver explores Donald Trump’s big, dumb, crazy wall (video)

There has been wall to wall coverage of everything Donald Trump has said and done during this nominee campaign season, but the news media has spent far less time examining any of his actual policies – yes he does have a few.

Trump's wall has been a gift for satirists

                                          Trump’s wall has been a gift for satirists

Of his handful of actual policy statements, there are two that stand-out. The first is the banning all Muslims from the U.S. and the second is the border wall that, Trump says, will be paid for by Mexico.

Trump: “People come up to me and say, Donald, you don’t really mean that we’re going to build a wall do you? And I say absolutely we’re going to build a wall, 100% and they go you don’t really mean that, that was like when I first started in June, I said right from the beginning we’re gonna build a wall and it’s gonna be a real wall, you see that ceiling up there this is a wall that if you get up there you aint coming down very easy, now you ready? Who’s gonna pay for the wall?”

Crowd: “Mexico!!”

Donald Trump campaign speech February 2016

On Sunday, John Oliver took a closer look to see if Trump’s claim that, as President, he will build a wall across the continent and have Mexico pay for it, is at all reasonable or rational.

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Video © HBO

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