James O’Brien and satire v Donald Trump’s vile and violent voters (video)

Much has been written about Donald Trump‘s incitement of his supporters to undertake acts of violence against protestors at his rallies, and all of it appears to be true.


The extensive media coverage of everything Trump says and does and the ubiquitous camera phone footage recorded at his gatherings proves it unequivocally. Moreover, his supporters have taken him at his word and carried out multiple assaults, many of which have been captured on video and duly broadcast worldwide.

Password: imincorrigible

Video © Comedy Central / Viacom / HBO / CBS

Trump nazi granny

Of course not all Trump supporters think Auschwitz is still open for business, some are young professionals who inexplicably believe there is a media conspiracy against the Donald.

Password: imincorrigible

Video © TBS

It seems there is nothing that Trump can do that will lose him credibility among his “true believer” fanbase – so what is it that keeps his supporters’ loyalty?

Password: imincorrigible

Audio / Video © LBC / HULU

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