The United States of Jihad (video)

In the wake of the ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Brussels, European and US media have predictably gone to town with their fear and speculation machines, delivering a 24/7 diet of fear mongering interspersed with occasional facts.

Fear and blood sell and, as almost all news media organisations exist to make money for their investors, I guess that it is a little naive to expect them to live up to some higher measure of ethical journalism.

"the #news can be a..risky pursuit, which could undermine your mental and physical health"

“the news can be a..risky pursuit, which could undermine your mental and physical health”

Because the media, driven on by politicians whose careers depend on our continued fear and corporate interests whose profits are equally terror dependent, focus a massively disproportionate amount of time covering terror incidents nationally as well as the threat of global terrorism, we rarely have a moment to catch our breaths and focus on the facts.

Poll 90 per cent say ISIS a threat

So here is a key fact that may surprise you. Between 2002 and February 2016 just 45 (forty-five) US citizens have been killed by Jihadi terrorists in the United States.

Forty-five. Think about that for a moment.

In the US today, you are 5,000 (five thousand) times more likely to die from a gunshot wound than from Islamic terrorism. Yet in that time consider what you have been told by the near daily coverage of terrorism issues on cable news and by politicians of all stripes, but especially Republicans during this presidential nominee campaign.

To watch the clip use the password: imincorrigible

Video clip © Comedy Central / Viacom

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