Trevor Noah explains the real truth about gun rights and terrorism (video)

Daily Show” host Trevor Noah last night gave an impassioned analysis of the weekend’s deadly mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

“This is a clearly complicated incident with elements of terrorism, homophobia, mental health,” Noah said. “But it is glaringly obvious that America needs to make it a lot harder for people who shouldn’t have guns to get guns.”

Noah noted that even the American military targets terrorist weapon stores because, “Everybody knows, ISIS without guns is just basically a blog.”

not a gun control issue

“The irony of the situation is that these people say there’s no connection between America’s gun laws and terrorism,” he continued. “Just because there’s a problem with terrorism doesn’t mean there isn’t also a problem with access to guns.”

Salon 14 June 2016

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Video © Comedy Central / Viacom

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