Trump too busy to take advantage of Hillary’s email farrago (video)

It looks as though Hillary Clinton will escape the State Department email scandal without being indicted, but she did not escape comedian Trevor Noah Tuesday without taking a few shots.

In a press conference led by FBI Director James Comey Tuesday, the FBI recommended that no charges be filed against the former secretary of state despite her “extremely careless” actions in sharing classified information via a personal email account.

On Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Tuesday night, Noah broke down the latest development in the never-ending scandal.

Noah compared Comey’s press conference to a reality TV competition results show since Comey claimed he had not disclosed the FBI’s recommendation to any other department of government prior to the press conference.

“He [Ryan] Seacrest-ed the whole thing,” joked Noah, imitating Comey tossing the press conference to a commercial break. “And the charges will or will not be announced… right after this.”

Noah listed the consequences the FBI’s decision could have had for Clinton, including possible prison time. He noted that Comey’s posturing before revealing the FBI’s findings must have been a tense moment for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

clinton top secret

“There is no campaign after this if she you are indicted. There is no first female president,” Noah said. “The only place you’d be giving a speech is from cell block D.”

Noah said that Democrats’ relief that Clinton will likely not be indicted is a testament to what an unconventional election cycle 2016 has turned out to be.

“That is where your election has gotten to now, when the good news is that one of your presidential candidates — the rational one, by the way — is not going to jail (at this time),” said Noah. “Not being indicted should never be your good news. You are running for president, not the coolest dude in the barbershop.”

IBTimes 6 July 2016

With Hillary in, to put it politely, a bit of a pickle, it was a perfect moment for Trump to take advantage and emphasise Clinton’s biggest electoral problem – the perception of her dishonesty, but did he?

Oh, no.

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Video © Comedy Central / Viacom

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