Trump tells world “I’m my own adviser” as he retweets racist tweets (video)

Let me begin by offering you all my sincerest apologies. “Nobody’s perfect”, is a phrase you will almost never hear me say to excuse the behaviour of anyone. Not me, not my friends and certainly not Donald Trump.

Donald Trump anti semite

After nearly a year of following Trump’s despicable campaign you might imagine that my view of him would be clear, after all he’s not been shy about sharing – but no. A couple of months ago, I read an article in the ‘The New Yorker’ which gave a very detailed description of the inner workings of the Trump campaign machine and its author was unequivocal that while the campaign had indulged in racist tactics to create political ‘momentum’, Mr Trump himself was certainly not a racist.

And I believed it – so much so that I even tweeted about it.

We all make mistakes (no that’s not the same as “nobody’s perfect”), and this one isn’t my worst by a long, long, long way – but that doesn’t excuse my compounding it two weeks later

You may well ask what happened to change my opinion on this matter. Well, the list (should I ever bother to create one) would be too long for me to bother you with, but to give you an idea of the type of things it might contain here’s a little summary of last week’s ‘Trump does racism’ events coupled with the Daily Show’s ideas for the candidates a President Trump would choose for his first official cabinet.

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Video © Comedy Central

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