Bill Maher battles Frank Luntz and why are Trump’s kids running his campaign? (video)

GOP pollster Frank Luntz really set Bill Maher off on Friday, when he attacked the host for cracking jokes instead of engaging in serious discussion.

Luntz kept insisting that Donald Trump is doing well, and Maher said that’s only the case “because people like you elect Republicans!” Luntz told Maher he doesn’t know the facts and is just zinging him because it’s “good for a laugh.”


But then Luntz started to get a little more personal and go after Maher as an elitist who doesn’t care about the frustrations of the people who film his show and clean up his studio.

Maher kept pushing back and saying it’s amusing how someone who works at Fox would talk so much about division, but Luntz accused him of “trying to demonize” for a laugh.

Mediaite 15 July 2016

Maher vs Frank Luntz

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Video © HBO

The panel section of the show returned to the news agenda covering the police shootings and Black Lives Matter in Dallas and, of course, Donald Trump’s forthcoming coronation at the Republican party convention in Cleveland Ohio.

Maher clinton mag

Maher panel

Video © HBO

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