Republicans hit Cleveland: Day one with Samantha Bee (video)

Samantha Bee could not have returned from her summer vacation soon enough. On night one of the GOP convention, the Full Frontal host wasn’t in Cleveland yet—you will have to wait for a special episode airing Wednesday—and was still safely in her New York studio.

For anyone who spent the previous few hours watching the likes of Antonio Sabato, Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and the mother of a Benghazi victim who shouted, “Hillary for Prison!” to end her speech, Bee’s comedic perspective was a welcome respite from the RNC crazy.

God hates Fags RNC sam bee

Bee offered up a full preview of what we can expect from the convention this week, including the “bizarre made-up bullshit” excuses prominent figures are using to skip the event altogether. For instance, Trump said Sarah Palin couldn’t make it because Alaska is too far away”

The Daily Beast 19 July 2016


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Video © TBS


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