Republicans hit Cleveland final day: Trumpageddon (video)

Donald Trump on Thursday night accepted the nomination of the Republican Party to be president of the scorched hellscape that is the United Yet Cowering States of America.

That, at least, is the interpretation of his speech offered by the late-night shows that had the courage — and the sense of comedic obligation and, dare I say it, patriotic duty — to do their shows live, after Trump gave Cleveland a warm farewell and America an ominous hello.

Trump politically correct

Not among those shows, strangely, was the one ABC actually calls “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Maybe it’s pronounced “live,” like the verb.

But: the Trump speech. What may not have been the most sunny, optimistic and encouraging hour-plus of oratory for people watching at home was great fodder for those charged with writing jokes about it.

The Chicago Tribune 22 July 2016

Stephen Colbert on Trump’s speech and the GOP nominee race review

Password: imincorrigible

Video © CBS

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Video © Comedy Central / Viacom

Real Time with Bill Maher

Video © HBO

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