Fear, loathing and racism at the RNC: it’s political correctness gone mad (video)

Samantha Bee gave a grim recap of last week’s Republican National Convention. The comedian kicked off the segment with a blood-spattered montage of former presidents so appalled by the state of modern politics that they all commit suicide.

Sam Bee RNC aaggghhh

Bee used the same dark humor throughout the skit, suggesting Republicans at the event were split into two camps: “some enthusiastic as a dog going for a car ride, others enthusiastic as a dog going for its final car ride.” Later, a GOP elephant exploded on screen behind the Full Frontalhost, torn between Trump and his former primary opponent, Ted Cruz. “My graphics department shouldn’t be dismembering elephants,” Bee deadpanned. “That’s Donald Trump Jr.’s job.” (Trump’s sons have taken flak for big-game hunting in Africa.) (Rolling Stone 26 July 2016)

Sam Bee non white contributions to civilisation

GOP delegates talked to Full Frontal about how they’re excited for a president who doesn’t care for “political correctness,” who “talks like I want to talk,” and how “he says the things we’ve been thinking for years, that no one had the guts to say.”

But the most interesting Full Frontal segment from the RNC floor was the one that tackled the idea that — in Bee’s words — “Donald Trump didn’t bring the racist potato salad to the GOP’s church picnic.” Well actually, she corrected herself, “He did, but they were like, ‘Oh, man, we already have so much potato salad!’” (vox.com 26 July 2016)

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

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Video © TBS


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