Trump watch: veterans, draft dodging, nukes, and babygate (Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Bill Maher video)

There is no denying that last week was a tough one for Donald Trump’s campaign to be the next Republican president – albeit that the wounds suffered were wholly of Trump’s own making. Between stirring up racial tensions, exposing a penchant for expanding the role of nuclear weapons to advance US foreign policy and expelling a baby from his town hall for crying and much more besides, Trump’s ‘missteps’ revealed the man for what he is, a bigoted demagogue, totally lacking in empathy and unfit to be, what Americans like to think of as, the leader of the free world.

 Draft dodging trump

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

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Video © Comedy Central / Viacom / CBS

Would a President Donald Trump push the nuclear button?

Real Time with Bill Maher

Video © HBO

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