Trump watch: tax cuts for the rich, gerrymandering, death threats and morons with Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore (video)

It seems not a day goes by without another Trump furore (I’d have called them “gaffes” but it seems, in spite of the facts, he actually believes the bile and comically naïve bullsh*t that he spews). From apparently inviting his gun owning supporters to use their second amendment rights to stop Hillary Clinton, to lying about unemployment and “death taxes” under Obama’s administration and accusing the president and Clinton of “founding ISIS”, it’s been another banner week on the road with the Donald.

Shocked guy trump speech

Trump supporter appears shocked at Trump’s ‘death threats’

However, in one case it seems that Trump may well be correct in his partial condemnation – the US elections are, as he suggested, rigged. Obviously, Trump’s explanation (that there is widespread voter fraud is wholly unsupported by the facts) but other forms of fraud are well documented. Gerrymandering in the US has reached epidemic proportions and is committed by both parties, but for some reason, the American public just accepts this stain on their democracy – perhaps they don’t care or, like the callers to the James O’Brien show, there are simply too many morons.

 The Daily / Nightly Show

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Video © Comedy Central / Viacom

James O’Brien vs Trump’s Two and a Half Morons

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