Samantha Bee takes down US media faux objectivity and Trump campaign lies (video)

There is little doubt that the result of the EU referendum is nothing short of a catastrophe for the future economic security of the UK. Of course, any objective observer of the period leading to the vote may not have been able to form as unequivocal a view as I have just expressed because of the faux objectivity and false balance used by the broadcast media throughout the campaign.


Indeed, given the narrowness of the result, in the opinion of many (and particularly of this blogger) the media’s cowardice and failure to call out and condemn the lies of the campaign backing a Brexit was a major contributory factor to the calamitous result.

On Monday night, Samantha Bee returned with her Full Frontal show and demonstrated how many of the same issues that were present during the UK’s referendum are creating an impression that is misleading the American public and could result in a possible Trump presidency. Even when cable news does try to fact check Trump they often fail to put the result into context. As Bee points out:

“I know the newsrooms are trying to fact check the geyser of mendacious vomit that spews non-stop from the Trump campaign…but facts without context is as bad as lies”

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 

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Video © TBS


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One thought on “Samantha Bee takes down US media faux objectivity and Trump campaign lies (video)

  1. “Sir, you can have a car of any colour you like as long as it is black.” That is essentially the message the US media is conveying to the citizens of that country: vote Hillary or do not even bother. There are other parties and candidates but the media acts as if they did not exist. Democracy is dead in the US.


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