The Battle for Labour: Is the Party Over? (video)

Last night saw an unusual broadcast media double from the BBC’s Panorama and Channel 4’s Dispatches teams – two documentaries, both predicting the death of the Labour party, on the same night and almost the same time. Here are both documentaries together in one place.

The Battle for The Labour Party

“As Jeremy Corbyn looks set to retain his leadership of the Labour Party, Channel 4 Dispatches goes undercover inside Momentum, the army of grassroots supporters backing the Islington MP.

Dispatches discovers a number of hard left revolutionaries inside and influencing Momentum, one of whom advocated a “flood” into the Labour Party and others that want to oust anti-Corbyn MPs and party officials.

The programme’s undercover reporter also hears how Momentum has tried to conceal some of its activities and how campaign funds meant for Corbyn’s leadership campaign may have been misused.

Gavin Millar QC, who has been interviewed for the programme, told Dispatches: “The Labour Party, following this broadcast, should investigate who in the Jeremy for Labour campaign was responsible for overseeing the arrangements for the payment of those staff and their presence in the Unite offices while they were doing Momentum work. Somebody is responsible.”

In addition, Dispatches’ undercover reporter hears how Momentum is harvesting personal data from this leadership campaign which could massively build its own powerbase. Millar stated that if Labour party members had not been explicitly told that their information was being passed to Momentum in this way it would be a “fundamental breach of the Data Protection Act” on the part of the Jeremy Corbyn leadership campaign.” (Channel 4 Press Release)


Labour: Is the Party Over?

“With the Labour leadership election less than a week away, BBC deputy political editor John Pienaar asks if Labour is on the brink of self-destruction. Panorama spent the summer in Brighton, on the frontline for the battle for the soul of Labour, where local activists slog it out for control of the party. In one corner, Momentum fights off ugly allegations of bullying, anti-Semitism and hard-left entryism. In the other, the party’s ‘moderates’ fear election annihilation and deselection. The programme follows both sides through the ups and downs of the campaign and finds neither side in the mood for compromise.”

Password: imincorrigible

Video © BBC / Channel 4

The Battle for The Labour Party: Channel 4 Dispatches
Monday 19th September, Channel 4, 7:25pm
Reporter: Antony Barnett
Prod/Dir: Charles Young
Exec Prod: Neil Grant
Prod Co: Films of Record

Labour: Is the Party Over?
Monday 19th September, BBC One, 8:00pm
Reporter: John Pienaar
Producer: Owen Phillips
Dep Editor: Karen Wightman


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