Trump watch 7: an unhealthy dose of the deplorables (Maher, Colbert, Bee and Noah) (video)

Has there ever been a presidential campaign so awash with lies and bigotry? No one seems to know or care – certainly not the supine media that appears to lap-up Trump’s misogyny, racism and utter bulls*t every single day with decreasing levels of opprobrium. This week it’s been all about baskets of bigotry, faked health conditions, abuse of charitable funds and (still) no tax returns.


Trump campaign ad

Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah

Password: imincorrigible

Video © TBS / CBS / Comedy Central / Viacom

Trump’s latest campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, faces down Bill Maher’s fact based inquisition by simply denying that his facts are true. Apparently, this is known as a ‘victory’ and ‘good politics’ and her performance will no doubt be lauded by moronic Trump supporters across the US.

We live in a post-truth era of fact denial. There is no way that this ends well.

Bill Maher interviews Kellyanne Conway

Video © HBO

 Bill Maher Real Time: Trump deplorables and Hillary’s health

Video © HBO


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