Trump watch 9: Trump’s big debate fail and excuses, excuses, excuses (Bee, Noah, Colbert and Maher) (video)

Shortly before the first Presidential debate, Politico analysed a week’s worth of Trump’s speeches and found that the Republican nominee averaged one lie every three minutes and 15 seconds. It was no surprise therefore that Trump lied his way through the debate with Hillary Clinton, clocking up an impressive 34 lies in the 90 minutes he spent on stage with the former Secretary of State.


Of course, he has been adding to that tally from the moment he stepped-off stage and immediately claimed victory – referring to a series of online, self-selecting polls to back his ridiculous claim – and has suffered a series of self-inflicted set-backs that have been mercilessly covered by America’s top satirists.

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah

Password: imincorrigible

Video © CBS / Comedy Central / Viacom

Ful Frontal with Samantha Bee

Password: imincorrigible

Video © TBS

Real Time with Bill Maher

Video © HBO

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