Trump watch 11: I’m a sex pest, believe me (video)

As I write this, Donald Trump and his surrogates are desperately engaged in a dangerous distraction campaign. Having failed to address the NINE separate allegations of sexual impropriety this week, the campaign has retreated to its “safe space”- accusations of media bias, a rigged election and voter fraud.

No doubt Trump’s base will greedily tuck into the rotting carcase of these ridiculous and baseless claims of the fantasist in chief, but the facts show that voter fraud in US general elections is almost non-existent with only 31 allegations of fraud out of 1 billion ballots cast since the year 2000.

But, as we all know that facts don’t matter anymore, here is the latest edition of Trump watch:

Trump watch part 1

Password: imincorrigible

Video © Comedy Central / Viacom / TBS

Trump watch part 2

Video © Comedy Central / Viacom / NBC

James O’Brien vs Trump the sex pest

Bill Maher interviews Ann Coulter

Video © HBO

Real Time with Bill Maher


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