Michael Moore in TrumpLand (video)

“Michael Moore in TrumpLand”, Moore’s tenth feature-length film, was put together in 11 days in order to get it out to audiences before the election.

“You get the feeling that Moore was quite spooked by the Brexit vote; he brings it up multiple times. And while the title seems to promise the kind of Michael Moore documentary we’re used to — Moore and his camera crew roving the streets of red-state America, poking his head into storefronts and interviewing men with placards, all trying to get to the bottom of the Trump phenomenon. Perhaps that would have taken too long to put together.

Trump tweeted support for Michael Moore’s TrumpLand using this clip, but clearly had not seen the movie

Instead, Michael Moore in TrumpLand is a filmed speaking engagement that Moore held in Clinton County Ohio — where three times as many people voted for Trump as voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries — which he advertised with “Trump Voters Welcome” on the marquee. And again, you might think that this welcoming of Trump supporters into the fold would lead to some investigation of the Trump pathology.  (Decider.com)

In fact, this is more of a defence of Hillary Clinton’s life in politics than a critique of Donald Trump and it is all the better for it. If there is a lesson from Brexit it is that pointing out why people should rightly fear the abyss is no guarantee that they will choose to avoid it – there must be reasons to believe in a brighter future and Moore delivers those in spades.

Video © Dog Eat Dog / IMG Films


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