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This occasional blog arises out of an exasperation at rampant and unnecessary social injustice and the peculiarly human stupidity that prevents us from learning from our own mistakes. It particularly mystifies me that we continue to accept political decisions based on ideology (and bribery) rather than evidence and to prefer personal advancement based on wealth instead of merit.


From the banking crisis to the scandal over MPs pay and expenses, phone hacking, corruption resulting from political lobbying, child sexual exploitation, global warming and Brexit this blog tries to peel back a few layers of complexity in the hope of revealing some truths about how those in power abuse the system and occasionally, perhaps, present some possible alternatives.

The author believes in social justice, human rights, science and properly regulated market competition, however this blog does not explicitly (or unquestioningly) support any political party.  Instead, this blog supports impartial evidence-based policy making irrespective of party ideology and the advancement of the many rather than the few.

It seems that in today’s spoon-fed mass media world, facts and evidence have been usurped by spin and appeals to citizens’ guts rather than to their brains.  It’s a phenomenon that has come to be known as “truthiness” and this blog is, in part, a reaction to the ‘merchants of doubt’ who are the main purveyors of this misdirection.

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Whilst the author recognises their potential for teaching basic morality, he rejects all religious belief systems.  This is because there is no objective evidence to support the existence of any God and that adherents of each of the major religions practised today have caused inestimable harm to humanity over centuries.

The author is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and has worked in the capital markets and corporate finance divisions of a number of investment banks and a financial services start-up.

He was raised in state-run children’s home where he suffered and survived abuse.

He is an atheist.

Constructive feedback is always welcome and encouraged.

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This blog is provided for free. No payment is required or sought to view any of the contents. Any advertising that you may see on screen has been placed there by WordPress and no part of any ad revenue is received by the author of this blog.

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The first channel associated with this blog was deleted (resulting in a number of video posts becoming unwatchable). The second is called “I Am Incorrigible” and is on hiatus as of November 2015. From November 2015 through May 2016 I used the channel, “Still Incorrigible“, you can link to it by clicking the logo above or here

My current channel, begun in June 2016, is “Incorrigible Forever” and, as of 1 July, contains 199 videos although the bells and whistles have yet to be completed.

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Some videos require a password to view. This is unavoidable as the content is copyrighted and the owners do not allow it to be uploaded (by me) to YouTube (at all) or Vimeo (without a password).

The password for all videos (unless otherwise stated) is imincorrigible and can be typed or pasted.

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I find that text in standard screen magnification can quickly become too tiring to read.  Using 125% zoom on IE 10, Firefox and Opera the blog is far easier to read and fills the width of monitor.

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Although this blog seeks to make sure that any facts or data used in posts are accurate mistakes are always possible.  If you find factual error(s) contained in a post please let me know using the contact form below.

Legal Information

Unless otherwise stated all views expressed are those of the author. Any references to other blogs, tweets etc. including ‘retweets’, ‘likes’ or other site specific behaviours are not endorsements or recommendations.

Political Liars

For the purposes of the government’s use of statistics, this blog defines a political lie (or ‘spin’ as it is now known) as when in full knowledge that the research shows a certain version of the situation, politicians suggest the data shows something completely different. It is my view and that of many others that Ian Duncan Smith and Grant Schapps in particular are guilty of misrepresenting data about the effects of government policy in recent months. These widely reported misrepresentations are in most objective commentators assessment “unethical”. IMHO, they are dishonest and morally indistinguishable from lies. On that basis Iain Duncan Smith, Grant Schapps and others have been repeatedly guilty of lying to the British public. Their lies have been reported ad nauseam in the media and it is clear from surveys of public opinion that these government lies have been widely accepted as true.  When this happens the consequences for society and the planet (in the case of climate change denial) can be catastrophic.

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Copyright holders retain the copyright to any work reproduced in these posts. However, this blog is produced on a non-profit basis and is produced in reliance on the fair use exemption in the United States and the fair dealing exceptions detailed in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) in the UK and EU. Copyrighted material that appears within this site has been included on the basis that it is being used in part or in whole for the purposes of  criticism, comment or news reporting.

This blog uses video content and other content from a variety of sources including global media corporations and social media.  Where applicable, the original content can be located by clicking on the appropriate link which will take you to the video location or the copyright owners website.

If you are a copyright owner and you wish to have your work removed from this site please use the contact form to send details and any necessary amendments or deletions will be made upon confirmation that there has been a breach of relevant legislation and that you are the relevant owner.

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6 thoughts on “About This Blog (video)

  1. Hi James
    I listened to your “reasons to be cheerful about Brexit and Brexit’s cowards” and wasn’t surprised you didn’t get any sensible comments. Brexit isn’t about monetary advantages or being better off in any sort of standard of living. This nonsense about 350 Million each week to the NHS was and as Boris amazingly bought it up again, still is just there to lure those into Brexit who cannot be bothered to believe the EU is trying to destroy the glorious British Empire. Obviously the EU couldn’t care less about destroying an Empire of which the last remnants ceased to exist end of WWI.
    My family and me lived in Dorchester, County Dorset from 1994 until 2004 and still are loving it.
    Got back to Germany because I lost my engineering-job in Weymouth.
    During our stay in UK the EU introduced new regulations for the markings on fire extinguishers. The ones in UK before were black, beige and red. EU-extinguishers are all red and marked A, B, C.
    There was an uproar this change would threaten the life of British people mistaking a water-extinguisher for a powder or CO2-one.
    Then there was the introduction of metric measures only enforced to confuse British grandparents, the ban on incandescent lamps, high power vacuums … it was the end of all Britishness.
    A couple of weeks ago we had the last night of the proms in Lüneburg (Germany). We sang “Rule, Britannia! rule the waves: Britons never, never, never will be slaves.” Obviously there were hardly any Brits there but never the less, it was great fun though it was a kind of eye opener to me:
    This is it, the one and only true reason for Brexit. The red fire extinguishers make (too) many Brits think being slaves of the EU.
    With 2019 trips to our former home will become even cheaper than they are already. Now that is a reason (for me) to be cheerful!
    Kind regards


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  3. I have a witness statement from Dr Judith Reisman PhD from the Law University who witnessed first hand, our state EDUCATION SYSTEM promoting CHILD ABUSE with Paedophile Information Exchange.

    Prime Minister David Cameron has ignored my request for Dr Reisman to investigate
    the Elite Government Paedophile Ring.


    Please get in contact and discuss the above on You Tube


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