Antarctica – stop coming here! (video)

A quarter of a century ago, the British government announced plans to ‘develop’ Antarctica.  Such development was part of the rush to claim and exploit the massive reserves of natural resources present in, around and under the Antarctic ice.  At the time … Continue reading

The reality gap: when was the last time your swing-top bin swung? (video)

“Trying to get the bin liner out of my swing-top is like trying to drag a Zeppelin out of a cat’s bum!” Great observational comedy and one of Ben Elton’s best stand-up routines performed on The Man From Auntie in 1990. … Continue reading

Paedophile Neil Wilson’s suspended sentence is just another in an “endless catalogue of insane judgements by male judges excusing men who attack women” (video)

I’m sure that you were as shocked as I was to hear the Judge’s comments on the suspended sentence handed out to paedophile Neil Wilson (41) at Snaresbrook Crown Court today; you may also have had a niggling thought at the back of … Continue reading