Iain Duncan Smith’s explosive row with LBC’s James O’Brien (Audio)

Whilst hunting for evidence to support the premise of my next post (if you are interested it is that the government, especially IDS, are in denial about why there has been an explosion in food bank usage in the UK) I … Continue reading

The publication of the Rochdale child sex abuse report replaces the “culture of hopelessness” with the the more familiar culture of passing the buck (video)

Rochdale council, Greater Manchester Police and fifteen other agencies failed to protect the children of Rochdale from torture and rape and yet, as you can see in the report, the GMP continues to blame the abused.  GMP’s chief constable at the time … Continue reading

If you have done nothing wrong what have you got to fear: Julian Smith a ‘Right Honourable’ member? (video)

Pulitzer prize winner Carl Bernstein needs no introduction and Jon Snow is, in this humble blogger’s opinion, the best broadcast journalist in the UK. But who is Julian Smith MP? Numpty, d*ckhead or just a  dishonourable ‘member’? You decide. …….. … Continue reading