Corporate inversions: What’s in a name? (video)

If you rely on the BBC for your diet of news, you probably will not have realised how embarrassingly haphazard and poorly produced the once universally praised BBC News’ output has become in recent years. The slow and painful decline … Continue reading

Theresa May has carefully chosen a ‘sound’ chair for the review (of the review) of missing home office child abuse documents (video)

Theresa May has announced two more reviews into child abuse in the UK which can now be added to the pile of more than a dozen reviews or inquiries being run by the home office, the NHS, various police forces, … Continue reading

Mick Jagger – An Apology

I suggested via Twitter on Sunday that sex, drugs and rock and roll might be ‘good’ for people and help to keep one young. It has subsequently come to my attention that Sir Michael Philip “Mick” Jagger, OBE is a sedate sort of … Continue reading