Important please read – Missing video clips & copyright dispute

Dear readers

Some video clips used in this blog have been removed as a result of a copyright dispute.  This amateur blog, for which no payment is received, uses video clips from various sources to illustrate points of criticism and to educate readers in respect of certain national and international news issues.  On that basis, UK and US copyright laws allow for an exemption from copyright protection and this blog relies on this ‘fair use’ exemption.

Fair Use Presentation

Until the matter is resolved, the missing video clips will not be available as embedded media but will be made available via links to other video file sharing sites such as where you will be able to watch the clips in full.  The process of uploading 30+ short video clips will take several days so please be patient.

Reclaiming Fair Use

This blog apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Yours faithfully


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