I’m with stupid: Winston McKenzie tries to defend the UKIP calypso on Newsnight

UKIP‘s xenophobic fundraising record by Mike Read (now withdrawn from sale) has caused outrage but, tellingly, UKIP sent their sole high-profile black member, Winston McKenzie onto Newsnight in an attempt to defend their racist gaffe and it was a big, big mistake.  McKenzie, who already has form for being a homophobe, embarrassed himself and his party in a shameless and bizarre display of ignorant buffoonery during a debate with the BBC Asian Network‘s DJ Nihal.  At one point, violence threatened to break-out when McKenzie sought to remind Nihal that he was “a former boxer” to which Nihal responded with the words “bring it.”

Fortunately, sanity was brought to the proceedings by the brilliant Jake Yapp who provides an amusing and informative parody at the and of the interview segment (the full version is included here).  Hopefully you will get that far without your ears vomiting!

Original video © BBC

Urban dictionary vert Uncle Tom


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